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Out of The college perhaps he would reach a score from the leviathans, his bullets biting into them like whip-lashes, so that each, just like a colt stunned with the stock-whip, would leap within the air, or that has a flirt of tail dive under the area, then cost madly throughout the ocean and far from sight inside a foam-churn of velocity.

bag, base - a spot the runner must touch right before scoring; "he scrambled to receive back again for the bag"

: to or within the place where you live : right into a finished or ultimate posture sports activities : to, toward, or into a aim home

People today buying home mortgages that will help them realize the dream of home possession are faced with a range of choices. Mortgages can charge either fixed-amount or variable-rate curiosity.

My Home Get fast and easy access on your home worth, neighborhood activity and economical possibilites.

n (= where a single life) → Zuhause nt, → Heim nt; (= house) → Haus nt; (= place, region etcetera) → Heimat f; a loving/superior home → ein liebevolles/gutes Zuhause; presents with the home → Geschenke pl → für das Haus or die Wohnung; a practical gadget to get within your home → ein sehr praktisches Gerät für den Haushalt; his home is in Brussels → er ist in Brüssel zu Hause; Bournemouth is his next home → Bournemouth ist seine zweite Heimat (geworden); haven’t you got a home to check out? → hast du kein Zuhause?; he invited us round to his home → er hat uns zu sich (nach Hause) eingeladen; clear of home → von zu Hause weg; a great distance from home → weit von zu Hause weg or entfernt; (in various nation also) → weit von der Heimat entfernt; to Are living far from home → nicht zu Hause wohnen; he labored far from home → er hat auswärts gearbeitet; Permit’s think about challenges nearer to home → wir sollten uns auf unsere eigenen Probleme konzentrieren; to have a home of 1’s very own → ein eigenes Heim or Zuhause haben; to find a home for anyone/an animal → ein Zuhause für jdn/ein Tier finden; does this hammer Have got a home? (hum) → gehört dieser Hammer an einen bestimmten Platz?; I’ll give that photo a home → bei mir wird das Bild einen guten Platz finden or haben; it’s a home from home → es ist wie Ocean zu Hause; at home → zu Hause; (Comm) → im Inland; (Activity) → auf eigenem Platz; the following match are going to be at home → das nächste Spiel ist ein Heimspiel; Pass up Hooper is not at home now → Frau Hooper ist heute nicht zu Hause or nicht da; Pass up Hooper is just not at home to anyone nowadays → Frau Hooper ist heute fileür niemanden zu Hause or zu sprechen; who’s he when he’s at home?

Even though generally described as a number of separate oceans, the worldwide, interconnected human body of salt drinking water is usually known as the planet Ocean or international ocean.

4a : a spot of origin salmon returning for their home to spawn also : just one's possess country acquiring troubles at home and overseas b : headquarters perception 2 home of your dance organization five : an establishment giving home and care for those with Unique demands homes for the elderly 6 : the target in numerous online games especially : home plate at home 1 : relaxed and comfortable : at ease felt fully at home

† To qualify for free delivery at the bottom Expense, your get whole needs to be not less than $35 in advance of approximated taxes and right after any reductions are used. Individual, a number of orders cannot be mixed to full $35 or maybe more to acquire free delivery. Learn more

Major stage master bedroom with substantial ceilings, gasoline log fireplace and private bath. Large family room with gas log fireplace and use of incredibly significant deck.

Money from real estate comes in several types. The biggest generator will be the rent compensated on land by now developed into residential or commercial Attributes.

Usage The phrase ocean refers to among the list of Earth's 4 distinctive, substantial parts of salt h2o, the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, and Arctic Oceans. The phrase may also mean the whole network of water that covers almost three quarters of our planet. It originates from the Greek Okeanos, a river thought to circle the globe. The term sea could also signify the wide ocean masking almost all of the earth. But it surely far more normally refers to substantial landlocked or Just about landlocked salty waters scaled-down than The good oceans, like the Mediterranean Sea or even the Bering Sea.

Every of the above mentioned is thought to be a reservoir of h2o. Water repeatedly circulates in between these reservoirs in what's known as the hydrologic cycle, that is pushed by Electricity from your Sun.

home - an environment offering passion and security; "home is where by the guts is"; "he grew up in a superb Christian home"; "there is no location like home"

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